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Connect with our free community programs for eligible participants in Tulsa.

Supportive Care for Parents at All 3 Stages of Birthing

From the moment of conception, through pregnancy, birth and afterwards, parents benefit from attentive care. And that care is even more crucial for those whose voices haven’t always been heard and centered in our health system.
TBEI provides supportive, community-focused initiatives for Black, Native, teen, and justice-involved parents to help ensure better, happier experiences through all the stages of birth.

Two young women in a park taking a break.

Guidance Course

Navigating a chronic condition like hypertension or diabetes that could lead to a high risk pregnancy? Our educational program provides leading-edge guidance on self-advocacy, nutrition, wellness activities, and more to promote healthier outcomes for parents and babies.

Doula with pregnant young black woman

Local Doula Services for Expecting Families

Our experienced, compassionate community-based doulas provide peer support to expecting parents, ensuring you are seen, heard, and supported from early pregnancy to the months immediately following birth.

5 black women side-by-side on a bench

Safe Spaces for Black
Women Events

Join our supportive, safe space for Black women to encourage one another and engage in meaningful activities created by Black women to nurture, recharge, and empower each other.