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How You Can Help

Together, we can develop innovative, effective health strategies and processes that ensure all Tulsans are seen, heard, and well cared for before, during and after pregnancy.

Crop view of mother holding newborn with hospital bracelet.

Spread the Word

The most important way you can help us create positive change in maternal health for all Tulsans is to speak up. Let others know about what TBEI is doing so they can stand with us, enjoy any programs they’re eligible for, and be part of the solution for all Tulsans.

Make a Donation

Participate in social media campaigns and events such as Black Maternal Health Week to boost understanding of health disparities among pregnant parents and how to address them.

Become a Partner

TBEI believes collaborative efforts are the best way to enact meaningful community changes for all Tulsans. Connect with us to learn more about ways we can work together to create lasting, effective programs and policies.

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