Offer Community support

Take part in our strategic local initiatives to reduce maternal health disparities and improve birth outcomes for all in Tulsa.

Supportive Care for Birthing Parents at All 3 Stages of Birthing

Many parents face numerous systemic barriers that can make it harder for them to have positive experiences of pregnancy and birth—from unconscious bias and chronic health conditions to frequent social stress and a lack of guidance and education about pregnancy and beyond.

To create a more even playing field for all, TBEI is building partnerships within the healthcare system, offering communal programs such as doula training, and more to ensure those offering care are well equipped with the tools and means to support Black, Native, teen, and justice-involved parents.

Community-Based Doula Training Program

Help parents enjoy a healthy birth experience! We equip qualified participants with the knowledge and skills needed to provide caring doula services to underserved populations, as well as expectant parents within their local communities.

Hospital Quality Improvement Program

Are you a healthcare professional, social services provider, or other member of our local medical community? Work with us to champion strategies that improve the quality of pregnancy-related care for all in Tulsa’s hospital systems and provider networks.

How to Help

Join us in creating a more equitable Tulsa for all. Discover ways to support, give, and celebrate the work of TBEI in the community.