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Hospital Quality Improvement Program

Through strategic partnerships with hospitals, clinicians, nurses, midwives and other maternal healthcare providers, we are pioneering ways to provide all groups—especially Black, Native, teen and justice-involved parents—with better care and outcomes during conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Female doctor checking baby boy's chest with stethoscope.
Clinician checking pregnant woman's blood pressure.

About the HQI Program

Expectant parents often feel overwhelmed during their experience of pregnancy and birth. And not everyone is equally equipped to advocate for their personal situation and ensure their voice is heard.

To ensure equitable health outcomes for all Tulsans, a commitment to listening and finding ways to reduce pregnancy and birth disparities through our community’s formalized medical services must be the goal for everyone involved. Doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other healthcare programs play a vital, powerful role in this process.

TBEI supports these efforts by identifying healthcare system issues, addressing gaps in care, interpreting trends, identifying high-risk groups, and developing effective intervention action plans and preventative strategies to promote more equitable care offered by provider networks.

Technician preforming ultrasound on black pregnant woman


This innovative program ensures that those giving birth and the healthcare professions who serve them have shared input and understanding into decisions during labor and delivery. Through the use of TeamBirth’s collaborative approach, everyone involved in the birth has a voice, which helps to promote better decision-making and overall quality of care.

Am I Eligible to Participate?

If you are a doctor, nurse, clinician, hospital administrator, or other member of the healthcare field who would like to join us in our quality improvement efforts, we’d love to hear from you!

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Participating Hospitals

As we develop systems within provider networks that increase knowledge and decrease pregnancy-related mortality, the health outcomes for birthing parents and babies will improve, and all Tulsans will benefit.

We are proud and honored to partner in the work to bring better maternal and birth outcomes for Tulsans with the following organizations: